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The 1st of April, or April Fool's Day, is one of the weirdest days humans celebrate. There are a few theories about where the whole thing originates, and they’re all a bit odd. One theory is that in 1582 when France switched from the Julian that celebrated New Year at the end of March, some still celebrated it on this day instead of the New Year we know in the Gregorian calendar. They were fools. In 18th-century Britain it was much the same story, it started when they adopted the Gregorian calendar and it gained popularity with people playing practical jokes on each other and spreading hoaxes through newspapers and other media. Since then, media outlets and companies have taken it over by releasing fake products or announcements. I remember sifting through newspapers on the day to try and find the stories that were part of the day, yes, I’m that old. These days with social media, there are thousands of April Fool’s posts and announcements and it’s actually become harder to separate the jokes from all the fake news that litters social media feeds. We spotted quite a few, but it’s the motoring-related ones that we were on the lookout for. Here are 10 things we spotted, some believable, some not, but all related to this mad industry of ours. Take a look and let us know your thoughts, and if you managed to spot any, share them on our SXdrv Facebook page.

Fuel Offroad and Chip Foose combine a grandfather clock and aftermarket wheels. They do look cool though.

Black Forest Industries release a new vape gear shift knob for GTi drivers. We reckon it would go down well with Subaru drivers too.

Volkswagen decided to tease fans with a new Harlequin car. The problem is that there were loads of people who were keen on one and they made it known on Volkswagen’s social media posts. This one failed.

Apex Wheels advertised their latest invention, a one-piece wheel and tyre. When they wear down, can you drive on the spokes?

HRE Wheels introduced their latest product line, a home DIY kit to build your own show wheels.

Fifteen52 Wheels changed to Fifteen76 Wheels and introduced the Jefferson Gatling starts & stripes wheels. These would probably sell well, actually.

James May owns a gin company, and he introduced his latest flavour - Cheese Gin. Miff.

Suspension gurus Eibach introduced a new product, a Pro-Dampening-Kit. Seem legit.

Urotuning’s latest invention was posted, new state-of-the-art Bluetooth individual coils. I wonder what the app looks like?

F1.Fnatic announced Max Verstappen’s move from Oracle Red Bull Racing to the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. There is not enough money in the sport to make that happen.

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