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The Bugatti EB110 Super Sport is a car that was way ahead of its time, like way, way ahead. The EB110 was the first real modern Bugatti that was produced under the uncompromising leadership of entrepreneur and enthusiast Romano Artioli, and in true supercar style, it was destined to have a limited number of units built. There were only 30 examples of the Super Sport were built, and part of this was the even more exclusive EB110 SS Prototype that reportedly saw if the rumours are to be believed, just three units built, making these ones holier than the regular holy grail models, and bazillionaire collectors will no doubt lust after one so that they can brag to their other 1%-er friends about. The EB110 SS Prototype was designed to be an even faster and more powerful version of the already impressive EB110, and it was. Some of the notable features of the EB110 SS Prototype include a lightweight construction that shaved the kerb weight of the original model, this included more use of carbon fibre - a newish product at the time. The original EB110 had a quad-turbocharged 3.5-litre V12 engine that produced a healthy 407 kW, while the EB110 SS Prototype had a modified engine setup that produced an immense 444 kW of power and it was able to take the Italian supercar to a massive top speed of 354 km/h. This was THIRTY years ago. Think about that for a wee bit.

So as said, this version of the Super Sport was rumoured to have seen just three units produced, and with this specific car being the only one to be created in a right-hand drive configuration, its value will no doubt be a fair bit higher. Not too long ago a Bugatti EB110 Super Sport with just 30 000 km on the odo sold for an outstanding $2.24 million. This rare model has just 14 000 km on the odo, but in 2005 it received a comprehensive mechanical overhaul where the engine was completely rebuilt using 12 new pistons and four new turbos, and the car also received new shocks, springs, brake discs, piping and even the perished rubbers in the driveline were sorted out. Thanks to some upgrades and the engine rebuild, power has risen to an amazing 474 kW. This comprehensive rebuild was carried out by Dauer and cost a whopping R3 330 000! The car is listed for sale at DK Engineering in Hertfordshire, UK and as expected for a car of this calibre, it doesn’t have a reserve price set. It’s one of those P.O.A stories and that alone tells you that when it does eventually get a new owner, the chap will have Manny Khosbin-style money. In fact, this would be the perfect addition to his already extensive collection of Bugattis. Someone send him the link.

Take a look at the YouTube video, and yes, it is really, really, really, really and we mean REALLY short, but if you slow down the playing speed to the slowest YouTube offers then it's just that little bit better to watch - that said we're sure that once someone hands over a whopping amount of money to add it to their collection that a new, better video will pop up online in the near future: 1 of 1 Right Hand Drive Bugatti EB110 Supersport Prototype | DK Engineering TV

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