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When BMW took over the Mini brand, they not only changed it so that all press releases had MINI in capital letters, but they also completely changed the whole point of a Mini. The brand was synonymous with compact cars that were lightweight, nippy and most importantly, affordable. Well just like the way they write the name increased in size, so did the actual cars, and then some. A new MINI Cooper makes my MK4 GTi look like a Kei car, it's just that big now. Luckily there’s another BMW that specialises in old-school Minis, but in this case, it stands for Brightwell Motor Company and they know their classic Minis better than most. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the original creator of the minuscule Minis, Cooper Car Company, Brightwell has decided to do a limited production run on the classic Mini totalling just 20 cars. They will use reclaimed Minis as the base for these cars, and it’s even possible for a current classic Mini owner to supply the base car for the build, which means that if someone has the budget they can have the full process carried out on a car that has sentimental value resulting in a priceless end product - but it must be an original Mk1 Mini Cooper or Cooper S to begin with. The timing is perfect, we’re currently on the 60th anniversary of the release of the very first Mini Cooper S, and it’s the overall 75th anniversary of the cars as a whole and so to celebrate these milestones, Mike Cooper and the Cooper Car Company commissioned Brightwell to create this celebratory model.

“I wanted to build a very limited edition run of fast, fun, driveable cars that put a smile on your face. The power output is comparable to the original Cooper Car Company Works race Minis my father was building in the early 1960s, but using modern technology and developments to ensure these cars are capable road performers that will last for years to come. In Brightwell Motor Company, I found the perfect team to build these cars and look after customers properly. I am comfortable that the cars and the customer experience delivered by Brightwell will be second to none. I wanted to do something special to celebrate these important milestones,” says Mike Cooper, son of the company’s founding father, John Cooper.  These anniversary cars will be available in either right or left-hand drive format but all will be finished in the famous Cooper Car Company Connaught Green and Old English White paint scheme, with interior and exterior details to reflect their Cooper Car Co. heritage. Customers will be able to choose variations on the spec of the cars, but they will be offered with 1380 cc A-series engines built on original 1275cc blocks, and all will feature Cooper Cars’ signature twin H4 SU carburettors. Brakes will be uprated, and the car will roll on lightweight alloy wheels based on the original Cooper Climax GP cars,  “They absolutely have to be the very best quality,” insists Mike. “Scott has won more trophies for his Mini builds than anybody else I can think of and works with a team of similarly fastidious colleagues at Brightwell Motor Company. It had to be him. And in the Brightwell team and infrastructure, we found the perfect fit.” There's been no indication of pricing yet, but if things go the way as most modern restomods, things aren't gonna be cheap.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off the absolutely stunning old-school Mini Cooper restomod that has been created to celebrate a milestone anniversary for the brand, although only 20 Mini fanatics will be able to have one taking up a small corner of their garage: Introducing The Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Mini Cooper Project | Brightwell Motor Company

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