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If you head on over to the Speed Champions section on the LEGO website, you’ll find a short blurb that reads: “For the first time, kids can collect a double pack of McLaren LEGO® models featuring the classic F1 LM and the new Solus GT.” While that may ring true, let’s be honest for a second - at least 90% (yes, that’s a thumbsuck figure) of these kits will end up in the hands of adults and not kids. While the kits are usually easy to build, when you see the video by RacingBrick you’ll soon see there’s actually a trick to building these models that aren’t really mentioned in the accompanying instruction booklet. The kit rocks, it will make any McLaren fan very happy and that means this is an affordable (relative) birthday/holiday gift for that special someone. The kit works well because it features two cars that cover vastly different generations of iconic McLaren cars, from the past it has the legendary McLaren F1 in LM guise and in the present, it has the McLaren Solus GT.  This premium set contains  581 pieces and it measures over 4 cm in height, 15 cm in length, and 7 cm in width, so once built they’re a decent enough size to cart around and show off to friends or school for show & tell days if the kit actually ended up in non-adults hands.

The buildable versions of the pair of McLaren supercars include authentic details from the real-life versions. Like the limited-edition F1 LM, it features that distinctive papaya orange colour and the famed central driving seat as well as cooling ducts on both sides. For the modern Solus GT, there’s also the central driving position and it features that amazing rear wing. This set also comes with two driver figurines that fit in the cockpit to give a more realistic feel. With modern technology, it’s also easier to build these kinds of special kits, and so they can use the LEGO Builder app and also make the build a bit of a fun digital experience. On the app you can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets, and track your progress, adding a new dimension to building these kits and providing an immersive experience. The kit is new to the market and will be available here in SA soon, and according to the GreatYellowBrick website that’s officially linked to LEGO, you’re looking at a suggested retail price of a palatable R699. If McLaren isn’t your thing, the 2023 additions to the Speed Champions range includes the Ferrari 812 Competizione, the Pagani Utopia and the Porsche 963. There is also a rumour of a Ford GT coming soon, and when we find out more, so will you.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the amazing new LEGO Speed Champions cars from McLaren with a review on the parts and the tricky techniques needed for the build process: LEGO Speed Champions 76918 McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM detailed building review | RacingBrick

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