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A McLaren is the Holy Grail of supercars for many out there, seeing one elicits more excitement than that “Is that a Suuupraaaa?” guy, being able to drive one tops the bucket list of millions of automotive fanatics and owning one is a way to show others that you’ve arrived. Then there’s the limited edition models created by the creative folk at McLaren Special Operations, amazing colours with detailing second to none to make them even more sought after and appear on more garage wall posters - special cars at special prices. There are various reasons to create a limited edition model, and we reckon that being Queen of England for an amazing 70 years is the perfect reason. Also, to make the limited edition model that much more special, just like Queen Elizabeth, it’s a one of one.

With McLaren widely regarded as the best of British, it makes sense then that they showed their Britishness by making their monarch an amazing present. Not only did MSO decide to create the car, they created a brand new paint aptly named ‘Platinum Jubilee’ and this has been done to match the one-off badge that was also created for the car. Yeah, that’s right, this special edition doesn’t wear a McLaren badge up front, there’s a small and tasteful Elizabeth II platinum badge. Said badge sits atop the one-off McLaren Artura, the company’s next generation hybrid supercar. The reveal of this special car was done 18 years to the day of when the Queen cut the ribbon to open the expansive McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey.

Following the development of a bespoke tool and press to create the badge, MSO and McLaren’s advanced coating’s partner AkzoNobel analysed different lighting conditions to define the most suitable metallic pigment combination. MSO’s paint developers then formulated the desired platinum composition which took eight days to complete including durability and application testing.

“It has been an honour for MSO to create a new platinum paint in celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee this year. This special paint, which will be available for customers to select for years to come, will be a fitting tribute to mark this historic milestone.” Ansar Ali, Managing Director - McLaren Special Operations, McLaren Automotive.

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