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The McLaren F1 was ahead of its time and still, today remains one of the greats.

The McLaren F1 made its debut in 1992, and changed the way people thought of supercars. Nearly 30 years later, the McLaren F1 still never fails to grab the imagination and fascination of car enthusiasts around the globe.

Apart from its timeless, streamline and futuristic looks, there is one thing that makes the McLaren F1 so unique. It is not its goldplated engine that holds the record of being the fastest naturally aspirated engine ever to be put in a streetcar, but rather the fact that the McLaren F1 has three seats, and the centre one for the driver.

There was a good reason for this, and its not because of what you might think. Most people assume that the main reason for the centre positioned driver seat is to help the driver judge both the right and left apexes evenly, or for better weight distribution. The true reason is to eliminate an offset pedal box, which is when the driver's pedals were more towards the centre of the car in relation to the steering wheel, which was a common thing in supercars in the 80s and 90s. The best way to fix this was to have the drivers seat in the middle of the car.

Furthermore, the McLaren F1's centre driver's seat was not even adjustable, it had a fixed steering wheel, seat and pedals. McLaren would custom fit your driving position according to your prefered position and size.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, on the McLaren F1 – The Science Explained.

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