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The McLaren Senna is pretty much the pinnacle of motoring, it's a hypercar with performance figures that almost defy physics. Released in 2019, it's fast become THE McLaren to have, well only if you have the means of course because it's one of those cars that end up belonging to people who don't really know how much money they have in their bank accounts at any given time because they have people for that. You're looking at upwards of R30 000 000. That's over THIRTY MILLION Rand. 

The McLaren Senna has been reviewed before of course, just about every major motoring journalist worth his salt has talked about one, but this time round it's the most descriptive motoring journalist in history having another go behind the wheel - Jeremy Clarkson. In one of the latest review videos done for his ultra-successful The Grand Tour channel, the twin-turbocharged once again offered up such explosive performance that the effects are enough to make you feel a bit ill. Clarkson took the car down the test track with his right foot buried into the floor of the monocoque chassis absorbing all the forces that 800hp matched with 800Nm expels.
All that power in the McLaren Senna is produced by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, a total of 800 horses are reigned in. The men in white coats at McLaren did some magic with the numbers, either that or they all have a streak of OCD in them. To match the 800hp, they also managed to get the torque figure to a nice and round 800Nm. As if that's not enough, all of those special wings and aero bits work in conjunction to afford the McLaren Senna a very impressive 800kg of downforce.  We're pretty sure they tried to get the Senna's weight to the same number, but alas, there's only so much weight that composite materials can save, and so the hypercar tips the scales at 1200kg!
Before Clarkson got that sick feeling from the absolutely mad performance of the McLaren Senna, he got to experience the performance and handling of a McLaren that's been touted as being the best of the best. This McLaren Senna was made to be the fastest street-legal production car on any racetrack in any country. We're pretty sure it is, and if it's not you have to let us know.  This sickeningly fast McLaren can hit the measured 0-100 km/h in UNDER three seconds. While that's hard to wrap your head around, it also gets to this speed in a little over 30m. Yeah, the McLaren Senna will even beat a South African Siyaya taxi to the other side of an intersection.

Take a look at the YouTube video about the sickening performance of the McLaren Senna below: Jeremy Clarkson Feels Sick Going 150 mph in the McLaren Senna | The Grand Tour

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