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Check out these 6 fake performance mods that claim to boost power but, in reality, do nothing but cost you your hard-earned money.

An increase in performance is what we're all after. Unfortunately, there are some products out there that claim to increase horsepower but are actually nothing more than a scam!

Here are 6 fake performance mods that do nothing:

  1. Universal plug and play performance chips: If you want power, an OBD-2 plugin chip is going to do nothing. Rather spend the money and take your car to a proper tuner who will put your car on a dyno and get the right tune for your engine.

  2. Electric Superchargers: Not to be confused with actual electric superchargers. These are those $25 plastic knockoffs that give as much power as a computer fan.

  3. Larger Rims: No matter what the wheel salesman tells you, larger-sized rims don't give you performance gains, they actually reduce it! The larger your wheel is, the more top speed you'll achieve, but out the window will go your acceleration. If it's style you want, then by all means.

  4. Muffler Delete: A back box or muffler delete will actually give you a 1 to 3hp increase, but nothing you'll actually notice. Most of the time, you'll lose power slightly in the low RMP range, and have a slight increase in the higher RPM range. You're far better off getting a proper exhaust system.

  5. Fake Vents: Many cars nowadays come with fake vents to aid in their styling. But, opening them yourself to let air in doesn't benefit your car or increase your performance at all, in fact, it might even make your car slightly less aerodynamic.

  6. Rear Wings: Wings are one of the first mods you do in your racing video game but, in real life, they only serve a purpose for very specialised types of cars and races. If you just get a large wing and bolt it on to your car without a serious aerodynamics setup, it won't do anything, especially for street driving.

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