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In 2022, you might have noticed that many more offerings from auto manufacturers have received their performance badge branding, does this actually mean that these cars all have a performance boost, or is it just a scam?

Back in the day, only cars that featured the iconic, Volkswagen R badge, Ford ST badge, Mercedes Benz AMG badge, BMW M badge, Audi S badge, to name but a few, were the racing and performance line from the regular road cars, the ones that had a huge bump in power, better brakes and suspension, and of course, the racing aesthetics as well.

But nowadays it doesn't seem to be the case as many lower divisions also feature these performance badges such as the BMW M madge being featured on cars such as the 120i M which doesn't offer a significant increase in power than the standard 120i, but it features a sportier steering wheel, lower suspension and fancy looking wheels. The same goes for Ford's ST, Volkswagen's R and Audi's S where the manufacturers just add the word "line" after the performance badge which simply means that the car looks fancier and has a sportier interior but that's it.

The problem with this all is how much these manufacturers charge for these offerings and it completely waters down the authentic performance varients.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Donut Media on Which Performance Badges Are A Scam?

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