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Not as if Jeremy Clarkson or even James May for that matter have never reviewed an electric car before, but this time they battle it out together! But we will let you guess who is pro electric and who is pro petrol, yap, you guessed it! Jeremy Clarkson makes his statement by using a VW Golf mk7 GTI and James May, on the other hand, makes his claims by putting a BMW i3 to the test...

Jeremy Clarkson first makes claims that the BMW i3's rear passenger doors are stupid by folding the other way and that they are far too small and that 5 door cars are far better than 2 door variants, to which James May reserves his quirky and cynical comments.

After some good banter, they finally put it to the test by having a drag race on an airfield!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: The Grand Tour on Jeremy Clarkson vs James May - Petrol vs Electric Cars - The Grand Tour...

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