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The McLaren SpeedTail is without a doubt one of the most exciting hypercars ever, here we are shown how it looks up and close.

The McLaren SpeedTail has excited many supercar and hypercar fans across the globe. Not only due to its ultra streamline design, futuristic gadgets or even the power but rather because of the similarities it shares with the iconic McLaren F1 – yup, the McLaren SpeedTail has a centred driver's seat with a passenger seat on either side!

The McLaren SpeedTail is available in an optional diamond infused paint that will set the buyer back an additional $130,000! Furthermore, the exhaust heat shields and even the wheel toolsets are gold plated. But probably the most interesting part about the design of this car is that, for a hypercar, it has both front and rear storage compartments. Due to its exceptionally long body, which reaches 5.2 metres, it has more than enough space for a rear trunk behind the mid-engine as well as in the front.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Supercar Blondie, on I Drove The Ultra Rare McLaren Speedtail.

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