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In 1963, a Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Automobili Lamborghini in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. Now 60 years later, the iconic Italian automaker celebrated its diamond jubilee in typical Lamborghini style with a record-breaking parade of 251 Lamborghinis at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The Guinness World Records were on hand to certify the event as the "Largest parade of Lamborghini cars," cementing Lamborghini's place in automotive history. Can you imagine the combined value of all of those Lamborghinis? The parade showcased Lamborghini's illustrious history and featured models spanning from the iconic Miura all the way through to the recently launched Countach LPI 800-4 - all taking to the track in an amazing formation that made for amazing visuals. Lamborghini's also cleverly used the event to debut their latest creation, the Huracan Sterrato, with a model exclusively for the Japanese market. To represent the old stuff, Lamborghini showcased some of its most important and iconic cars. A 350 GT, Islero, and Countach were on display, showing off the brand's restoration work from the Polo Storico Department. Ad Personam, the personalization division of Lamborghini, even built a replica of the Lamborghini Lounge Tokyo, where Japanese customers can customize their unique vehicles - seems the Lamborghini budget for these things is as big as you imagine.

One of the most popular attractions was the amazing Huracan STO Time Chaser_111100 art car and matching Time Gazer sculpture that we recently did a small piece on. The car was created in partnership with Japanese artist Ikeuchi, which helps explain its popularity. The Huracan STO Time Chaser_111100’s name features a binary code for the number 60  - the anniversary number. Well, that and the fact that the matching Time Gazer sculpture is made up of a host of rare parts taken from the Countach 25th Anniversary, Diablo SE30, Murcielago 40th Anniversary, and Aventador LP-720-4 50th Anniversary edition. Davide Sfrecola, Head of Japan, Automobili Lamborghini, added “We are delighted to see Lamborghinis from all over Japan here in Suzuka to celebrate our 60th anniversary together. Lamborghini is loved around the world, but we are constantly reminded of the many fans and owners we have throughout Japan, of which we are very appreciative. In 2023 Lamborghini Japan will continue to create opportunities for people to enjoy, and we look forward to not only celebrating this 60th year but taking another history-making step forward together. This was a remarkable event. We’ve been able to tour through the most ancient streets in Japan and celebrate the brand’s history together with owners. 2023 is our anniversary year in which we will further connect Lamborghini’s roots to the future. We are committed to creating these exciting opportunities for owners to experience the pleasure and enjoyment of being aboard a Lamborghini while discovering the wonders of this country.”

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO, Automobili Lamborghini, said “This year marks the 60th anniversary since Lamborghini was founded in 1963. The fact that so many Lamborghinis, from current models to classic cars, gathered at the internationally renowned Suzuka Circuit is proof that our brand has touched the emotions of many people here in Japan over its long history and is still so valued today. It is also an immense pleasure to witness this special moment of receiving a Guinness World Record during an important year such as this.”

Take a look at the YouTube video from well-known YouTuber 'effspot' as he manages to get into the 60th-anniversary gathering of Lamborghinis at Japan's famed Suzuki circuit that was packed with an amazing collection of over 250 Lamborghinis - enough for a certified World Record: Sneaking into the World's Largest Lamborghini Meet! | effspot

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