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While we do have all of that life-sucking Eskom stuff going on here in SA, the world of electric vehicles is yet to make a proper appearance. Sure, there are a handful of models around but they’re only really available to the higher end of the income scale being ridiculously expensive. A few automakers have more affordable products, but they’re only available in SA through a web browser. It’s a pity because it’s pretty clear we need to start getting the masses more interested in this new technology, and so we were expecting to see a company like Volkswagen bring in at least a handful of their ID.3 cars to get the interest going, but the compact all-electric hatchback has just entered its second generation and so far you can count the amount of ID.3 cars we’ve seen in SA on the Def Leppard drummer’s left hand. Maybe we’ll see the ID.3 here before the 3rd generation hits the market. Just in case, here’s a bit more about the great-looking little EV after the major upgrade with new design features, higher-quality materials, and more advanced assist systems. The new version, which comes two and a half years after the launch of the 1st generation, also has an updated exterior, is available in an extended colour range, and also sees a refined interior design using sustainable and animal-free materials - yay for the vegans. VW uses the microfibre material Artvelours Eco for the door trims and seat covers, a fabric that contains 71% recyclate, so it’s also a tree-hugger’s friend.

The all-new ID.3 is less new when it comes to the powerplant, found in the rear of the car is the same tried and tested electric motor as seen in the first generation ID.3 and it’s rated to produce 150 kW of power with a pretty decent 310 Nm of torque. It is also still available with a choice of two different-sized batteries, 58 kWh and 77 kWh respectively. The 58 kWh battery affords the car a 426 km range and the 77 kWh battery is rated to provide 546 km of range. The batteries also have a charging performance of up to 170 kW which in effect means the battery in the ID.3 Pro S can be charged from 5 % to 80 % within 30 minutes. Imelda Labbé, Member of the Board of Management for Sales, Marketing and After Sales at Volkswagen: “With the second generation of the ID.3, we are continuing the success story of our ID. family. The design has matured and the materials in the interior have been significantly upgraded. The new ID.3 demonstrates our clear commitment to quality, design and operability, and we have systematically taken on board the wishes of our customers.” Kai Grünitz, Member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Development: “With the new ID.3 we are bringing premium technologies into the compact class – in line with our Volkswagen goal of successively offering innovations in the whole model range. This is also reflected in the latest-generation convenience and assistance systems in the ID.3. By using swarm data in the Travel Assist system, we are taking the next step on the path to highly automated driving.”

Take a look at the YouTube video that explains all about the all-new, second-generation Volkswagen ID.3 and shows off the improvements over the outgoing model: NEW: World premiere of the ID.3 Gen II 🙌 | Volkswagen News

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