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The world of LEGO is expansive, the building bricks come in all manner of kits covering just about anything you can think of. It makes sense then that there are different levels of kits too, so there are smaller kits that are easy to build and suitable for younger kids, bigger kits that are a bit more technical and so suited to bigger kids and dads, and then there’s the pro-level stuff - LEGO Technic. These kits are made up of a different kind of LEGO block and have movable bits and pieces that make the building block great for more technical kins of kits. More often than not these kits result in a much bigger end result and once built are usually put on display in a man cave or on a shelf that kids will get a loveable backhand if they touch things on it. Also, LEGO Technic kits are usually quite a bit more money than the regular block kits. The latest one that will be available soon (you can already pre-order a kit) is one of the best we’ve seen and has jumped to the top of our want list. These sizeable 1:12 scale kits are of the 2022 Ford GT, one of the coolest cars ever built by Ford that’s actually quite hard to buy even if you have a bank balance with six zeros on the end. There is but one of these here in SA, and while it’s listed at a cool $500 000 in the US (just under R10 000 000), all the red tape and taxes to get the car to SA reportedly cost closer to R30 000 000. The LEGO Technic kit is only R1 999 though and that means it’s affordable to loads of car and model collectors. 

As mentioned, when it comes to Technic kits, there’s a lot more involved including parts that are arranged to be working parts like on the actual 1:1 Ford GT, and this kit features a working V6 engine (meaning it has moving pistons, it can’t actually combust fuel), the independent suspension works on all four wheels just like on a real car, there’s front-axle steering that works when you turn the steering wheel, the doors open up together with the bonnet and even the active rear spoiler works. While the Technic kits are quite complicated and angular, the end result most certainly resembles the real deal thing they’re made to copy. They’re quite fascinating and I know that I can spend silly amounts of time inspecting the finished product. There are a whopping 1 466 pieces to this kit and build time should take an afternoon or two, depending on your level of attention and commitment. The 1:12 scale model measures 9 cm high, 39 cm long and 18 cm wide, so it’s quite a decent size. It is a bit of a smaller Technic kit though, oddly enough. The kit should be available soon through most official LEGO resellers and can be bought directly from the Great Yellow Brick website for R1 999 plus courier costs. As mentioned, the kit is rated for builders 18 and over, but we’re sure there are some clever kids that could build it quicker than their ancient counterparts.

Take a look at the YouTube video from well-known YouTube LEGO reviewer RacingBrick where he takes a close look at the Ford GT LEGO Technic kit and details the ins and outs of the build process as well as gives a general review of the product: LEGO Technic 42154 Ford GT detailed building review - smaller means better? | RacingBrick

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