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The time, effort and detail that went into these full-size Lego cars is nothing shy of incredible.

There have been a number of attempts to build full size cars out of Lego parts over the years, but why are they built and how much time goes into making them?

Well, the question of why these full size Lego cars are built is quite simple, because they can! But, usually, these Lego cars are made by Lego themselves in collaboration with some sort of brand or company and the car is displayed for marketing purposes.

Unfortunately for you and me, there are no kits out there for us to buy to build a full size 1:1 Lego car. If you are honestly serious about making one, however, you'll have to build it from scratch! For example, the Ferrari F1 car that was built and then revealed at the 2017 Grand Prix took Lego over 800 hours just to plan, and a few thousand hours for them to physically build it!

But regardless of that, the outcome is something purely incredible!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, SpitBirx, on Life Size Lego Cars.

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