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Earlier this year, Lego Technic and BMW teamed up, challenging the Lego team to build a mini model of the R1200 GS adventure entirely out of Lego pieces. After becoming an internet sensation, Lego has released the model in 2018 with 603 parts. The model is only 18cm high, 33cm long and comes with an app that provides you with 3D instructions on how to assemble the model.
But wait there's more.....
BMW has recently launched their concept of a hoverbike based on the Lego version of the Adventure Bike. The Lego model provided users with the option of converting the bike into a futuristic hoverbike. Naturally, the BMW engineers decided to take on the challenge and paired up with Lego to create a life–sized version of the hoverbike. Although the model cant actually hover yet, it uses serial–production parts of the original bike as well as the typical GS structure. The hoverbike was modeled using the BMW Motorrad design and boxer engine from the original model.
The market demand for flying vehicles has grown exponentially and while the BMW is only a model, Airbus is testing its first flying car at the end of 2017 which brings hope for the BMW hoverbike.
The next question is, can BMW beat their competitors to the hoverbike finish line?

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