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LEGO has just launched its high-tech and intricate LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender.
LEGO has seriously impressed the automotive world in a big way over the last couple of years with their LEGO Technic Porsche GT3, Volkswagen Combie and not to mention their full size working Bugatti Veyron!

This brand new LEGO Technic model replicates the real deal and consists out of a total of 2573 LEGO parts which is insane!!

Only just a tad smaller, less expensive and vastly more reliable!
The Land Rover Defender has become an icon in the offroad scene and is still considered to be legendary 4X4's, if it was your dream to own one of these bad boys, if you still have the poster on your wall and wear khaki clothes, don't worry!

You're chance to own one is now officially here at the fraction of the cost with no maintenance liability or commitment! The only downside is that it is 250 times smaller... and it's made out of LEGO!

The Lego Technic range has drastically improved and become a lot more of an intricate build and challenge for Lego and automotive car fans. The Lego Technic Land Rover Defender has been launched with a crazy four-speed sequential gearbox together with a tiny leaver which allows the owner to switch between a high and low range gear ratio! How crazy is that?

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