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Date: 2019-03-04

Like Off-Roading? Here

Like Off-Roading? Here

Like Off-Roading? Here

The Ultimate Adventure 2018 is a 4x4 enthusiasts dream.

We're not just about speed and ricing here at SXdrv headquarters, some of us enjoy getting filthy in the mud and lost in the wilderness with modified four-wheel-drive vehicles – and the guys MotorTrend know just how to have that kind of fun during their Ultimate Adventure series.

What follows is the first of five episodes that make up the 2018 edition, kicking off a week of exploits that start at a place called the Rocky Mountain Terrain Park in Carthage, Maine, after a heavy bout of rain. It's an incredibly tricky set of trails, offering up huge rolling boulders and severely steep, slippery climbs.

It's not about the 21 vehicles that start but rather how many can finish. The action is epic and offers up a fantastic taste of what's to come in the rest of the series. It's an excellent show for those of us who like to take the path less travelled, even just occasionally, with all the trials and tribulations of that genuine off-roading experience.

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