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Unless you’re in a top-tier job, previously won the lotto, are a successful crypto trader, have a day who owns a tech company or got mad famous on YouTube, chances are you’re like the rest of us mere mortals and so expensive and rare limited edition cars are out of ownership reach. Luckily there are companies that make smaller versions that we could afford in the form of scale models, and sometimes build-it-yourself models that you can collect, admire and show off at will. In many instances quality models can still be rather expensive, but fanatics will find a way to buy one. LEGO offers up some really cool builds of popular and rare cars, and when they don’t, there’s the whole LEGO Ideas thing, too. Over at LEGO Ideas, fans of the brand and motoring create their own special builds and submit them to the website for all to see. If the kit is good enough and if it catches the attention of the powers-that-be at LEGO, and if enough site visitors like the idea and vote for it, there’s a really good chance that the kit can make it to store shelves as a legitimate LEGO creation. 

This LEGO Ideas set would be a perfect addition to the expansive Speed Champions kit lineup, and it even conforms to the required sizing for the series of 18 cm in length, 8 cm wide and 4 cm high. While the Lexus LFA has a very unique shape to it with amazing lines and curves, straight off the bat you can see that this blocky model is meant to be the Japanese supercar. While there’s a lot to the car, one of the most recognisable and defining features of the Lexus LFA is that brilliant triple exit exhaust system in that triangular layout with two higher and one lower, and it’s been perfectly represented in this LEGO Ideas submission. We think this model kit would do great if it went into production, we’d be keen on one depending on how much the cost would translate to in Rands, sometimes these things can still be pricey, and if we’re paying good money, we’d rather fork out for the car we really, really like. The kit still has a long way to go before it makes it into series production, but this project from LEGO Ideas user ‘Below zero bricks’ is starting to get noticed. If you like what you see, register and give the project a vote on the Lego Ideas website.

Take a look at the YouTube video from last year that shows off a bunch of different Lexus LEGO builds that aren't official kits, but look good enough to head into mass production. Check out the video, and then also head on over to the LEGO Ideas site top see hat else is cooking: Top 10 LEGO Speed Champions LEXUS MOCs you can Build in 2022 | Bricks Master Builders

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