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Local car show, the Vdub Festival of South Africa, also known as Vdub Camp Fest, is a couple of days away, and the 2023 instalment promises to be the most epic one yet. In Volkswagen and VAG car circles, this is THE event to attend, the show is the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and it sees Volkswagen owners from around the country converge on a holiday resort called Warmbaths in the town of Bela-Bela. The venue is a couple of hours away from Jo’burg itself, but the distance doesn’t seem to be an issue for many die-hard VW fanatics because we see cars and people attending from all corners of South Africa, and some even pop across the border from neighbouring countries like Namibia. The event takes place over a weekend, usually at the beginning of February and that means the weather is always hot, sometimes climbing into the early 40-degree Celcius range, but it can also be wet because it’s still the rainy summer season for SA’s highveld. That doesn’t matter though because people and cars are waterproof, it just means there’s a mass cleaning of cars before they head to the show arena to be displayed. The show’s main attraction is the show & shine event that takes place on a massive purpose-built stage with a rotating centre, easily the best stage seen at any car event worldwide. We know this because for the past few years, we’ve had a guest judge from the USA attend the show, Jamie Orr from Orchid Euro, and he gets to attend everything VW around the world.

There’s more to the show though, like a Low Limbo competition that sees slammed cars compete in a limbo competition often scraping sumps and subframes to get the job done. Big power cars get to show off what they’re capable of on a mobile dyno machine at the edge of the main show arena, and there’s also a bikini carwash and some product demos. The best part is that the event takes place over a weekend, and the venue offers a massive campsite, loads of chalets and even a hotel, all of which are booked out months in advance. Surrounding B&Bs and hotels also cater for attendees. There is an option for day visitors, and that usually sees Sunday being the main show day where all the cars get their turn to be seen on the rotating stage to be judged by the panel of judges. The cars seen at the event cover all kinds of Volkswagen and Audi models, and we even see some tasty Porsches and Lamborghinis, because they’re part of the VAG family too. This really is an event that should be on every Volkswagen enthusiast’s calendar, no matter if they’re local or international. 2023 promises to be the biggest and best yet, and SXdrv will be on hand for some photographic coverage, so come back next week for an update.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing a recap of the 2022 instalment of the biggest gathering of Volkswagen and VAG cars in the southern hemisphere by one of the event sponsors, Detail Ease: DE VDUB Campfest 2022 ⚡️ | Detail Ease

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