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Even though Bring a Trailer is a US-based auction website that started out with gatherings where people actually took trailers along to buy a possibly non-running car, it’s well-known in automotive circles the world over. The beauty of the interwebz means when rare, odd or amazing cars come up for sale, some can reach an almost viral status. This listing we came across while spending our millions after a theoretical lotto win is just mad and would definitely swallow up a chunk of our winnings. There are maybe four Dodge Challenger Demons in the country right now after arriving via one of the smaller surrounding countries, and with this one being a 1 of 5 it would fit right in. Actually, it would fit right in while standing out like the proverbial sore thumb because the whole exterior of the car is in perfectly aligned and high-gloss carbon fibre. There’s a company in Grafton, Wisconsin called SpeedKore Performance Group and it’s their handiwork that sees this supercharged demonic V8 wear a carbon fibre body.

This 2018 has just over 1 300km on the odo, so it’s basically factory-fresh if you ignore the burnout clip at the bottom of the listing over at bringatrailer.com.  Over and above everything being in carbon fibre formed using carbon fibre fabric pre-impregnated with epoxy resin, there are extras like a factory-style Air-Grabber scoop, Air-Catcher headlights, front and rear spoilers, dual exhaust outlets, and black 18×11-inch aluminium with 315/40 Nitto NT555RII drag radials. There’s also the active damping suspension, onboard Drag Mode, Launch Assist and a limited-slip differential. The supercharged 6.2-litre V8 also has bigger fuel injectors and a larger 2.85″ supercharger pulley and the Demon Crate performance PCM was unlocked. Stock these make 840 hp, and so this should have a fair bit more, and ll that power heads to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the listing for this ridiculously cool Dodge Challenger Demon with a 1 of 5 Speedkore Performance carbon fibre body: 2018 Carbon Fibre Dodge Demon Walk Around | N F

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