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For many Toyota fans, the AE 86 Toyota from the mid to late 80s is the holy grail of collectable cars. It’s a bit strange to think that a pretty basic little rear-wheel drive hatchback has become an icon of Toyota performance, but it was helped along thanks to an iconic coming-of-age racing manga series from 1995. The star car in the series was the Toyota AE 86 Trueno, and since then the cars have been sought after the world over. Clean examples fetch pretty good money these days, but their numbers are dwindling and it’s getting harder and harder to source one. It makes sense then that when Toyota decided to show off how new technologies can be retrofitted into classic cars they would use the AE 86 for the restomod project. The clever move not only makes sure that the new technologies get seen in a different light, but that Toyota fanatics the world over would comment and share the news of the pair of restomod 86s, be it good or bad. No such thing as bad publicity. That said, so far we’ve only seen positive feedback, unless you’re from South Africa where electric vehicles are an oxymoron because the electricity supply is half than of a developing country…

AE86 H2 Concept (hydrogen-engine vehicle) - Above
By utilizing the knowledge acquired by "making ever-better motorsports-bred cars" as put into practice by TGR and ROOKIE Racing in Japan's Super Taikyu Series, TGR has developed a vehicle that can be driven while enjoying the internal combustion engine's appeal points of sound and vibration. For this, two Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks are mounted in the rear, and other modifications, including fuel injectors, fuel pipes, and spark plugs, have been kept to the minimum.

AE86 BEV Concept (battery electric vehicle) - Below
Utilizing the electrification technologies cultivated by Lexus, the AE86's body, lightweight, and front-rear weight balance were maintained as much as possible, while the robust driving force characteristic of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) and a manual transmission was adopted to develop a vehicle that offers even greater driving pleasure than the original. The vehicle also makes maximum use of the electrification technology of existing commercially sold vehicles, employing a Tundra HEV electric motor, a Prius PHEV battery, and others.

Aiming to contribute to carbon neutrality by working together with aftermarket parts manufacturers, both AE86-derived concept vehicles feature rejuvenated used seats and seatbelts and seatbelt pads made from recycled materials - that's cool.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the reveal of these two amazing restomod Toyota AE 86 models that now run on new technologies that shows how new and old tech can be interlinked which should hopefully show that iconic cars can still be a thing in the future: Toyota AE86 Restomod Concepts Featuring Factory Installed Hydrogen and Electric Power Debut | DRCcars

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