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YouTube channel, 1320video, heads off to Australia and finds a V12 Toyota Supra.

The Toyota Supra has become one of the most favoured JDM sports cars in the world, specifically the Toyota Supra MKIV. It has been a top choice in tuner car culture, not only for its gorgeous looks but also for modification potential, with its aerodynamic design and iconic 2JZ turbocharged 3.0-litre engine that has the potential of reaching 1000bhp with stock internals. The 2JZ engine has been swopped into many other car projects for the same power reasons, it is very rare to find a Toyota Supra MKIV that has been swopped with any other engines besides the Toyota 2JZ.

YouTubers, 1320video, made their way to Australia, and found a workshop that goes by the catchy name WTFauto. Inside, they find a number of famous Toyota Supra MKIV's that have been internationally recognised, but what really caught their attention was a Toyota Supra MKIV project in the back that has just had a Toyota V12 engine installed in the engine bay. You may not know that Toyota has actually made V12 engines in the past, but this lucky Toyota Supra has just had a serious upgrade by having one installed!

Take a look at the YouTube video below by 1320video, and their reactions to the Toyota Supra MKIV with a Toyota V12 engine.

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