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The brand new Toyota Corolla hot hatch is turbocharged, produces 257hp from its 3-cylinder engine, and is coming in 2022. It will claim the Gazoo Racing (GR) badge, and the Toyota GR Corolla will scare GTI owners at just $30,000.

The Toyota GR Corolla is going to be a revolutionary new hot hatch from the Japanese manufacturer, who hasn't developed a sporty hatch in almost 20 years. The legendary Toyota Corolla XRS back in the early 2000s was the last proper performer, and a replacement has been long overdue. Their last hot hatch, the Toyota GR Yaris, almost fulfilled that task, but didn't quite cut the mustard. That means that the Toyota GR Corolla, the Yaris's big brother, will have a lot to live up to, and judging by the anticipated specs, it will surely excel!

The Toyota GR Corolla will feature the same pocket-rocket of an engine as its smaller brother, the Toyota GR Yaris, the 1.6-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that pushes out a whopping 257hp and 266 pound-feet of torque (or 192kW and 360Nm). And what about the gearbox? Toyota has recognised the Toyota GR Corolla as a true drivers car, and offers the GR Corolla with a 6-speed manual gearbox – which is a fantastic addition – especially for a brand new car set to only be launched in 2022. Furthermore, there is also speculation on the new 2022 Toyota GR Corolla will have an all-wheel-drive system.

The new Toyota GR Corolla features all the same Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), with the exception of its more race-like pedegree with stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, loader exhaust, and bigger wheels and tyres.

Toyota hasn't really taken to the performance car market for many years. To their credit, they have indeed reinvented the Toyota Supra, but that sits on the extreme side of the scale, what Toyota was missing was a relativly affordable hot hatch with enough performance to make it fun and exciting to drive. Tey tried with the Toyota GR Yaris, and now with the new Toyota GR Corolla, Toyota has recognised a gap in their market, and the expectation and anticipation for the GR Corolla is growing day-by-day. It is a hot hatch not to be missed!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel ALL ABOUT CARS PH on the new Toyota GR Corolla.

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