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Here is a 10-minute video of building a classic Toyota Corolla station wagon.

We love these 10-minute build videos. It gives one a superb overview of the work that went into the build, and if we like it, we can always go and watch the inevitable series.

In this video, we join the YouTube channel, Built Official. Now, this is a unique build because it's not one of the usual suspects when it comes to project cars. 

We're used to seeing muscle cars or JDM giants like Toyota Supra's or one of the many Nissan's that often receive this type of attention. Nope, today we watch a classic Toyota Corolla station wagon receive the full treatment.

Everything from new rims to shocks and interior is worked on. The car receives extended wheel arches, gets completely stripped, panel beaten and resprayed, and the engine received an overhaul.

The guy does an excellent job, and the car looks terrific. It just goes to show that, if you're passionate enough, you can turn any vehicle from a lemon into something beautiful. Check it out in the video below.

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