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Take a look at this epic drag race between a new Toyota Supra and a BMW M4, who will win?

The BMW M4 has about 100hp more than the new Toyota Supra, more torque, as well as a faster 0-60mph time. In the video below by YouTube channel, Carwow, they have a head-to-head race between a new Toyota Supra and the latest BMW M4. However, to make it a fair match, the Toyota Supra was given a new free-flowing downpipe as well as a software upgrade, which brought the Supra up to 430hp – matching the BMW M4.

The M4 has a faster changing dual-clutch gearbox, though, whereas the Toyota supra has a regular automatic, but in the same breath, this Toyota Supra, with its upgraded tune now has 100 more Newton-meters of torque than the BMW M4, so it should be a very fair race.

Be sure to have a look at the race results in the video below. Will the tuned up Toyota Supra take the lead or will the mighty BMW M4 show the JDM sports car who's boss?

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