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The Toyota Pickup truck is known for being indestructible, here's why.

The 1980s Toyota Pickup truck is known for a few things, and that is being indestructible and reliable. The Toyota Pickup truck never got it's "Hilux" badge in the US in the 1980s like the rest of the world did, back then, it was simply known as the Toyota Pickup truck. What made the Toyota Pickup truck so popular was it's reliability and it's status of being indestructible, but what made it this way?

Toyota knew its market very well, especially for the United States where Pickup trucks were a popular choice. Toyota's biggest pickup competitors were Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge, but they all had one thing in common, they all used the slightly weaker designed C-channel frame. Toyota intended to be different in that sense and designed their new Pickup truck with the more sturdy and stronger box-channel frame. Furthermore, Toyota opted to keep its design incredibly simple and as straight-forward as possible with the mindset of having less causes less problems and they were right.

However, the mighty box-channel frame design had a flaw, due to its box-shaped design, it held water, which over time caused the frame to rust...badly! The rusting box-channel frame inevitably cost Toyota millions of dollars, so they had to come up with a solution, and fast.

Toyota answered this box-channel problem with yet another frame design, this time called the tripletech-frame which used a combination of box-channel and C-channel frame components which gave the car a more sturdy and ridged characteristic, as well as solving the water-holding issue that the original box-channel design did.

On the other hand, the frame design alone doesn't necessarily equate to reliability, there are other factors as well, the biggest one being the type of engine the Toyota Pickup truck has as well. Toyota gave a few engines to their Pickup truck. One was the 2.4L Diesel that pushed out 83hp, but the 2.4L 22RE Petrol engine was by far the most popular engine choice, it was proven time and time again to be incredibly reliable in other Toyota cars over the years as well.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, on the Toyota Pickup truck – The Science Explained.

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