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There was a time when most of us automotive fanatics were into toys before real cars, and one of the most popular worldwide was from the iconic building-block company LEGO. The kits have always been quite expensive and so many kids had hand-me-down blocks from incomplete kits and we had to use our imagination to create things. Often in the mind’s eye, the creation looked identical to the real deal, but in reality, it was more along the lines of a few blocks with wheels in each corner. These days the kits available are bigger, more detailed and are actually a great representation of the real-life counterpart. While LEGO creates and releases all manner of kits year-round, there is a fair amount that actually comes from fans that are first submitted to the LEGO Ideas website. These creations stay on the site garnering votes from the LEGO community, and when the kit is good enough to garner a healthy amount of votes there’s a really good possibility of the kit making it to production as a proper LEGO release.

When a kit is top-notch it will get voted up, but when it’s really, really good it can be chosen as a Staff Pick. As you can imagine, this is a big deal because it keeps the details and images of the build at the top of the submissions and gives a great indication of whether or not it could make to be a production kit. A user known as TzyHerr91 created a Suzuki Jimny around 2 years back and it’s garnered a decent amount of votes, but only now has the kit become a Staff Pick, and that’s great news for fans of the diminutive 4x4. There’s a long way to go though, for real consideration it needs to have 10 000 votes which is when LEGO’s top brass get involved to see the viability of the kit. There have been a few kits, but this one nails it, especially for the interior details and seating, it’s the best we’ve seen as the folding rear seats work just like the 1:1 version, the front seats can slide back and forth for adjustment and the steering wheel is also adjustable. The kit has a ladder frame chassis and independent suspension just like the real one too. The clamshell bonnet opens up and reveals a motor that looks as close to the real one as LEGO allows. Having the kit built in the same Kinetic Yellow colour as a legit Jimny also helps the cause, it’s become an iconic Suzuki Jimny colour in just a few short years.

If you’re one of the masses that thinks a LEGO Suzuki Jimny should make it to production as an off-the-shelf kit, it’s your solemn duty to head on over to the LEGO Ideas website, register and drop a vote. I personally know at least 15 people who would buy one, and that’s just in my circle of friends. Worldwide, this kit has the potential to be a LEGO best-seller.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the LEDO Ideas that made it through the voting process and into production in 2022/2023 so you can see just how good these home projects are and what the future hopefully holds for the kit created by TzyHerr91 LEGO Ideas 2023 - 2024 Winners! Why I'm WORRIED! | BriQ Foundation

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