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We love automotive lists here at SXdrv, and when they’re about the most expensive or the most powerful or the fastest cars, it makes us especially happy. The latest list we watched during morning alone time (on the loo) has been compiled by Mat Watson and the Carwow crew and it details the list of 15 of the fastest cars in 2023. There is a slight caveat to the list though, a catch of sorts. The list is not made up of the 15 fastest cars in the world to date, the list is made up of the 15 fastest cars that you can buy in 2023 and we think that’s much more interesting and so it won’t be a list repeated by every other channel or publication or website. This of course means that for the first time in a very long time the iconic and record-holding fastest car in the world, the 1500 hp+ quad-turbocharged V16 Bugatti Chiron (and all variations thereof) isn’t on the list. They’re no longer available new. Cool hey? It’s mad how far street-legal cars have progressed, I mean yeah I’m old now but I remember when the world’s performance car makers were chasing 300 km/h, these days it’s 200 mph (322 km/h) that’s almost the norm - and when you think that there is even a handful of cars that have already surpassed 400 km/h. As you can imagine, this list of the fastest 15 cars in 2023 could also double as the list of the most expensive cars, too.

Ok, technically there is one single V16-engined Bugatti you can buy that will lead this list, but because it’s over R213 000 000. That’s two hundred and thirteen million. So seeing as there are maybe 4 people on the planet who can spend that on a car, it doesn’t count for this list. Bugatti’s influence on some of the smaller niche automakers, there has been a new chase to surpass a top speed of 300 mph (482 km/h). A few are close,  but out of the ones that can be bought in 2023 number just two, and they’re both American. One comes from the crew at Hennessey Performance with the Venom 5, and the other comes from Tuatara in the form of the SSC. Again, you still need massive amounts of disposable income to be able to have either one of these tucked snugly in your driveway. If you know anything about the world of hypercars, you’d have expected these cars to be on the list. That said, we can already hear the gears in your brain slowly turning trying to remember what the other thirteen fastest cars on the list could be. It was the same for us too.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the Carwow crew that is the coolest Best Of kind of list that we've seen so far in 2023. Sure, it may only be the first week of February, but still. With the OG big dog Bugatti out of the running then things actually get quite interesting, check: The 15 fastest cars in the world 2023! | carwow

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