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Back in the day, like 25 to 30 years ago and even before, concept cars were there strange-looking creations that sort of guessed what future cars and technologies would be like, but these days we have all that technology on hand, and the future things we see aren’t that far-fetched anymore. Take this absolutely amazing Audi activesphere, it's packed with all the best tech, and some features are basically things we already have in cars now, just on a seriously impressive scale. This is the 4th concept from Audi that looks towards the future. We saw the Audi skysphere roadster and grandsphere sedan in 2021, and the urbansphere space concept in 2022 - all of them showing off similar technologies but used in ways that make the concept cars perfect for the intended usage. This latest Audi activesphere is the concept aimed at those with a more active lifestyle, as the name suggests. It looks to a future where the car becomes an extension of the owner, and so all the features and systems are tailored to an active, healthy lifestyle. Looking at the car it’s quite obvious what it’s intended for thanks to the ride height and the tyres along with the beefed-up lower parts that will be able to withstand driving off the beaten track. In a cool twist, the designers decided that a car destined for an active life doesn’t need to look all boxy and angular, and so this sportback style body is a refreshing change.

The Audi activesphere measures in at 4.98 meters long, and has impressive ground clearance thanks to a raised body (that can be lowered) and those large 22-inch wheels. That coupe-style rear-end is rather misleading too, it can open into a cargo bed that can accommodate gear needed for an active lifestyle, and a pair of e-bikes will fit without issue. The activesphere is fully autonomous, and there’s no steering wheel seen upfront. Of course, when the road looks like a fun one to carve up, a turn of a dial sees a steering wheel emerge from the dashboard - it’s damn impressive. There’s a sort of heads-up display, but it’s controlled with a high-tech headset that makes everything come alive via hand motion control, and the glasses relay all manner of data to the driver. With the headset on, which is basically a pair of glasses, you can control all driver system features. There are no hard edges on the body and many surfaces are glass. There’s seating for four, the seats are circumferential shells that look space-age but are designed for maximum comfort. There are electric motors on the front and rear axles that combine for a total power output of 325 kW and 720 Nm of torque, more than enough for any driving situation, and with that torque available in an instant, the off-road prowess is hard to beat. The 800-volt charging technology means just 10 minutes of charge time affords the car over 300 km of range, and in less than 25 minutes, the 100 kWh battery charges from 5 to 80 %, and when full the range is over 600 km so heading t those remote spots to camp is a non-issue, unlike with so many EVs on the market now.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the most amazing Audi concept car we've ever seen, not only in the looks department but in the technology department too to become the ultimate active lifestyle car - the technology seen in this video is mind-blowing, especially because it's an actual working concept car meaning the tech seen is actually in a working state: The next sphere of future premium mobility | The Audi activesphere concept | Audi

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