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The Audi R8 is the supercar for the people, it first broke cover in 2005 and made it to showroom floors by the end of 2006. It was something quite amazing from the brand, and it quickly garnered a lot of attention thanks to its unique shape, powerful 313 kW normally-aspirated V8 and that world renowned Audi all-wheel drive system. In 2010 we saw another special Audi arrive, the R8 GT. This one saw two extra cylinders appear making it a V10, and that power was also directed to all four wheels, all 412 kW of it. The performance increased, the soundtrack went straight to Number 1 and Audi aficionados the world over had a new subject for the posters on workshop, man cave and bedroom walls. It’s been 12 years since that model was release, and as a final hurrah to the last R8 that will feature a combustion engine, the men in white coats have assembled another special Audi R8 - this one goes by the name of Audi R8 Coupé V10 GT RWD - and as you can see if you break that down, it’s still got that revvy V10 shared with sister company Lamborghini, it’s a GT so that means it’s just right for cruising at speed, and it’s also a rear-wheel drive. It seems that if you want to make your supercar feel angrier, you direct big power to the rear wheels only. This makes it a ‘driver’s car’. We like this. 

This new Audi R8 Coupé V10 GT RWD is powered by VAG’s amazing 5.2-litre normally aspirated V10 is rated at 456 kW (620 hp) with 565 Nm of torque, this means it evens out the rear-driven car’s performance to that of the all-wheel drive version. Power is sent to the rears via a 7-speed DCT transmission, and the whole package sees this limited edition R8 GT hit 100 km/h in 3.4-seconds and run on to a top speed electronically limited to 320 km/h. The car is claimed to be able to hit 200 km/h from a standstill in just 10.1-seconds. That’s pretty rapid. The car also features sequential numbering, special light alloy wheels, and an interior in a combination of black and red,  black “R8 GT'' lettering, a Carbon Aerokit in high gloss that’s made up of a front splitter, flics, side skirt covers, cW-elements on the sides of the rear bumper, a diffuser, and a rear wing with gooseneck mounting. The R8 GT is available in matte Suzuka Gray, Tangorot Metallic and Daytona Gray Metallic, and it will only be seen on a total of 333 models.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the folk on Audi's creative team, it's clear they tried to make it an emotive video that bids farewell to the last ICE setup we'll ever see in an Audi R8 model: An experience for all senses | Audi R8 GT | Audi

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