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According to Audi, the AI:CON was an opportunity for their designers and engineers to explore and express the possibilities offered by an autonomous luxury sedan of the future with unprecedented consistency, and serves to demonstrate the performance and features of a four-door fully electric luxury Audi of the next decade.

From the wheels to the doors, seats, ambient lighting, dashboard, performance and practicality, each and every aspect of the Audi AI:CON has been reimagined from the ground up.

The Audi AI:CON design concept is fitted with four electric motors that, when combined, produce over 260 kW of power and a further 550 Nm of torque. And don't shy away because of the fact that this beast is electric. You will reap the benefits of having over 800km of range per charge and, thanks to a high-voltage system with 800 volts, the AI:CON’s battery unit can be charged to 80 percent of capacity in less than 30 minutes.

When the AI:CON is in the vicinity of Audi's future AI Zone, the car will be able to pull up to a wireless charging station and charge its battery without any human assistance whatsoever. So, when you are ready to hop into your car for the long haul home after a day at the office, the car will be automatically fully charged for you!

The Audi AI:CON is without a doubt a car of the exciting electric future...

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, RoCars, on the Audi of the future – Audi AI:CON...

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