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Movies often feature some amazing and special cars, especially movies set in the future. In these futuristic movies, normal moviegoers are wowed and entertained by what they see, but for automotive fanatics the cars seen are not only looked at as something from the future, but depending on the automaker involved the car can also show what the automaker thinks the future of cars and driving will look like. Back in 2004 the movie ‘I, Robot’ hit the world’s cinema screens and with Will Smith being the star attraction it was clear that it would be yet another blockbuster in his long list of accolades. While Smith was undoubtedly the star, the futuristic Audi RSQ that was his transportation sort of stole the show and was talked about for years after the movie. While CGI was already looking really good back then, the Audi RSQ was in fact a real car built by Audi using their (at the time) latest design and technology along with the company’s interpretation of what cars of the future will look and drive like. They weren’t too far off.

In the movie Smith plays a technophobic cop, which means he hates everything around him because it’s all electric, even his car. Things are set in the year 2035, which was very far away from 2004, but now we’re 18 years closer to that future and many of the things seen in the movie, and the car, are already part of our daily lives. There are self-driving cars, touch screens and all manner of tracking and advertising. The car was called the Audi RSQ and any Audi fan worth their salt can talk you that the body shape is an evolution of the Mk1 Audi TT. Taking a look at the car again, we can clearly see the headlights from the Mk2 Audi TT, which was only released two years after the movie. This means that the movie car inspired the real-life car, and that shows just how much effort Audi put into the design and creation of the futuristic movie car. The suicide doors, the race seats, the cut off steering wheel and the TFT screen for the instrument cluster were all signs of things to come. The one thing we're happy with is the wheels, we like regular alloy wheels and tyres, but one day when cars need to move sideways without turning, the ball-style wheels will maybe be ok.

Take a look at the YouTube video from Supercar Blondie that oddly doesn't feature Alexandra Hirschi herself but a new team of people who seem to review cars on her behalf. In this case the chaps take a close look at the actual concept car created for the blockbuster movie: Will Smith's I, Robot Audi RSQ | Supercar Blondie

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