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Ken Block has only been gone for a month or so now, and the automotive world is still in shock. We’ve seen a few tributes to the great man, and this time it's Audi’s turn. Over his racing career, Ken was linked to a bunch of different brands and in every case instead of the brand helping and supporting ken, it was more like Ken supported the brand. When he was with Subaru, many of his fans became fanatical about Subaru. When he moved to Ford after a successful career, legions of fans swapped over to Ford and we’re sure the success of the ST-badged Fiestas was down to Ken and his viral videos. While that was a very successful partnership that looked like it would last forever, last year September saw him leave the Michigan-based automaker and move to be the new face of Audi. In a very short time, the man already had a huge impact on Audi, and his love for the brand was immediately apparent. More than a few times over the years Ken mentioned how the Quattro racecars from the 80s and 90s were some of his all-time favourite cars. As soon as he was part of the team, he got to live out a dream and was given the chance to drive one of the original Group B Audi Quattro racecars in anger. 

Not long after that, plans were revealed for the Audi S1 Hoonitron project, a way for Ken to bring the world of electric vehicles to the masses and in so doing, change the way electric cars and performance are perceived. It wasn’t until the Hoonitron’s power figures were revealed that many naysayers started paying more attention to the future of cars and motorsports. Electrikhana was a massive success for both Ken and Audi, the YouTube video garnered over 4 000 000 views in the first month, and in the little over three months it’s been live the view are now close to 8 000 000. The man was undoubtedly a genius at marketing, evident from his time with DC Shoes. One of the really sad parts about losing Ken Block is that the partnership with Audi was so new that we’ll never know how much they could have done together. Daughter Lia Block recently had her first car built by Ken Block’s Hoonigan crew, and it’s an 80s Audi Quattro. We hope that she can continue her motorsport career, and that Audi will be on board. It’s clear from this video that in the short partnership between Ken and Audi, he made a huge impact on the automaker.

Take a look at the short YouTube video created by the folk at Audi in memory of Ken Block who had only recently joined the brand, but inspired the Electrikhana action-driving video and the creation of the most amazing, fastest and most powerful Audi EV to date: The legend behind Electrikhana | Audi x A tribute to Ken Block | Audi

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