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There are some tuning companies that have been around for many years, and their work with OEM automakers stretches back almost as long which means there are some well-known aftermarket brands that you instantly think of when certain automakers are the topic of conversation. When talking about all things BMW, AC Schnitzer is sure to be associated. This is thanks to over 35 years of the Austrian-based company playing with, modifying and tuning all manner of BMW cars. One of the latest upgrade options from AC Schnitzer is aimed at the awesome new BMW M3 Touring and the product range features a large range of visual upgrades, but there is also a pretty decent tuning package that allows a full-kitted out M3 Touring to have some extra bite to match the bark. As is the norm from the tuner, there are a few different options for some accessories and in this case, there are multiple wheels to choose from. No matter the paint colour of the car, if SXdrv was given a choice, it would be the black wheels all day long and twice on Sundays.

The products from ­AC Schnitzer for the BMW M3 Touring are quite extensive and include a front splitter, front side wings, a side skirt protection foil, a deflector set for the front fenders, design elements for the bonnet, a 2-piece rear roof spoiler, a carbon rear diffuser, a gloss black emblem set, a suspension lowering kit or a coilover suspension system, carbon tailpipes and AC wheels in Silver/Anthracite or Anthracite/Silver or gloss black. For the engine there are two options, the first takes the power to 434 kW and 750 Nm of torque, up from the OEM 375 kW with 650 Nm, while the second option takes the power to a very impressive 449 kW with a very healthy 750 Nm. That’s proper supercar territory and will completely transform the car’s on-road and on-track performance. One of the best things about using the AC Schnitzer upgrades is that BMW trusts the company so much it can be possible to do the upgrades and still have a warranty. That means a lot to some people, especially when the car they’re playing with has a price tag of over R1 800 000. While there are baller types who can afford to fix things when they go wrong, most can’t. 

Take a look at the YouTube video of the new BMW M3 Touring getting thrashed around in OEM-spec, and then imagine how much better it would be with 450 kW instead of 375 kW of power on tap: Wild ride in the New M3 Touring G81 | Joe Achilles

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