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Mobile phone companies often create limited edition models to help get some brand awareness, especially when new products are coming out and they have to convince the masses that the latest piece of tech is a must-have even though the older one is still great. It’s how the world works. In my circles, when someone gets a new mobile phone the software is immediately set up using pics of cars and manufacturer logos. Some people use pics of family or football teams, but car guys (and girls and they/them) do it differently. When a phone manufacturer or network releases a phone aimed at automotive fanatics, they often become hit property rather quickly. Here in South Africa, we haven’t really seen this happen, but looking at what Samsung in South Korea has just created we know what’s possible and now we want Samsung South Africa to do something similar. Especially since the new limited edition Samsung Galaxy S23 that’s been made available in that part of the world is themed after the iconic BMW E30. Sure, the E30 may be popular there but on our shores, it has a proper cult-like following. It even has its own colloquial name: Gusheshe. If you haven’t heard the BMW E30 referred to as a Gusheshe, you definitely run in some strange circles, that’s how well-known it is. Incidentally, it’s derived from the word Akusheshe, which is slang for 'quick'.

Samsung has teamed up with SK Telecom to create the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra M Edition, and it’s pretty cool. While the actual device itself looks like the regular Galaxy S23, it features a BMW E30 M3-themed start-up animation. It’s the packaging that is rather cool, the hard case looks like the front end of the E30, and it comes with a bunch of cool things, like six different era BMW emblems for the included key ring, a vintage BMW Motorsport roundel for the 50 Jahre anniversary, a poster, a photo book, a We are M metal badge, a sunglasses holder and a branded watch. The package is limited to 1 000 units, which we can guarantee have all been spoken for, even though at today’s exchange rate it costs around R25 000. Oddly, that’s still around R5 000 less than what the regular Galaxy S23 is tipped to sell for here. Confirmation that we pay more for tech here than most places. Still, if Samsung South Africa put in the same effort to create a cool limited edition package like this, they could sell 10 000 within a week. Time to hit up your South Korean contacts and try to get one.

Take a look at the YouTube video that showcases just how cool this limited edition Samsung Galaxy S23 that's available in South Korea, it's safe to say we're a little jealous: Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition | SKTX

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