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This specific Skyline GT-R V-spec N1 was purchased in Japan in 2016 and has no racing history, but the buyer had some major plans for the car as it was to become a Mine’s tribute car. JDM fanatics will know that the result you see here is rather freaking desirable. If you’re not into JDM, Mine's is a tuning firm based in Yokosuka, Japan that made a name for itself with amazing tuning on the R34 GT-R platform. The car was disassembled down to the bare chassis for cleaning, and parts were meticulously acquired from all over the world to build an era-correct tribute car. No irreversible modifications have been made to the car, and critical original parts like the original numbers-matching motor, turbos, and bodywork have all been retained in their factory configuration and will be included in the sale. There’s even an album of still images during the initial assembly of the Mine's Stage II Complete Engine included, which have been verified as authentic by cross-referencing weld marks and other unique characteristics - how cool is that? Over and above that, the Nissan Skyline GT-R N1 is a legendary homologation special that was built for the Super Taikyu N1 racing series, and just 56 were sold to the public. With the research that Bonhams Auctions has done, the car is now 1 of 38. Rarity level: Expert.

Since Mine’s was popular when the R34 GT-R was nearly-new, many of the parts and accessories made by the company are hard to find these days, but the then-owner made plans and even travelled to Mine's headquarters in Japan and managed to secure loads of out-of-production parts, which were fitted to the car during the rebuild. The depth and complexity of this build cannot be overstated, even Mine's founder Michizo Niikura was impressed at the level of detail in this tribute build after he inspected it with the Mine’s master engine builder Toshikazu Nakayama in 2022. You’ll see his signature of approval on the dash. Sealing the deal was the addition of the ultra-rare magnesium Mine's BBS wheels. The engine has been modified to Mine's Stage II-spec and it’s rated at a healthy and reliable 485 kW (650 hp). The front bumper, GT-R V-spec II carbon fibre bonnet, and rear wing have been changed from OEM, but  - original parts are included with the sale. The upgraded AP Racing brakes from Mine's have around 50% life left, which means at least a few good laps on track, although we doubt you’ll ever see it in action unless it’s on track alone. As mentioned, included with the sale of the car are the original numbers-matching N1 long block, original N1 turbos, original carbon fibre rear diffuser, original bonnet, original front bumper, original rear wing, original seats, original steering wheel, original shift knob, original strut tower brace, original air inlet duct, original speedometer, original spare tire, original service booklet, warranty booklet, original N1 ECU for the vehicle, and lastly the original Mine's-tuned ECU for the installed engine. Bonhams Auctions estimates the car to sell for between $400 000 - $500 000 at The Amelia Island Auction taking place in Florida, USA on 2 March this year.

Take a look at the YouTube video from a few years back when our mate James Pumphrey detailed the whole history of the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R VSpec that should be more than enough to tell you just why this Mine's tribute car is so special and why it may just surpass the $500 000 sales estimate over at Bonhams Auctions as part of The Amelia Island Auction: R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R VSpec - Everything Inside and Out | Bumper 2 Bumper | Donut Media

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