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This year the TX2k22 event in Baytown, Texas was as mad as the cars that entered. These events are usually really good, but for the 2022 edition, everything had a massive level up. More and more people are venturing out now that the Covid19 things are looking to be more under control. Both entrants and spectators alike were treated to some absolutely insane cars and racing with records being broken, then broken again and then again for good measure. The roll racing part of the event attracted some of the best builds around, spectators were treated to high horsepower GT-Rs, Audi R8s and a whole host of other supercars and exotics with boost-induced power figures well over the magical 1000hp mark.

The GT-R starring in this video from Officially Gassed is owned by Billy Sitaras from Team Insanity Racing, and it was built and prepared by T1 Race Developments that has many big builds under its belt. For the Nissan GT-R platform, they offer up eight different tuning packages with the top one being called the Series 8. This package integrates the company’s  highest quality GT1R components that have the ability to take the R35 platform cars from the factory 545 hp to over 2 300 hp which is enough to see a GT-R lay down a low 7-second quarter mile pass in excess of 200mph. The Series 8 package has but one purpose - to set the drag racing records for others to chase. The Series 8 uses the world renowned GT1R Stage 6 Long Block, a Motec M150 ECU, a class leading ETS Pro2100 turbo kit and a Shep Trans Stage 6 transmission. The company’s GT1R package isn’t for amateurs. In the case of this GT-R that gave the competition some serious things to think about, the Team Insanity Racing R35 has nearly 3 000 hp pushing out to the wheels.

On a trip from the U.K to visit Texas and attend the TS2k22 event, Jamie from Officially Gassed caught up with T1 Race Developments technician Terence Cox in the pit area and had a chat with him about the Team Insanity Racing GT1R. Here at SXdrv we love it when videos like this are released. It’s easy enough to watch the cars perform at these events and to hear the commentators rattle off some of the specifications and performance figures, but when someone actually talks to people involved with the build and tune of these ridiculously powerful cars we get to learn a lot more. Sure it has nearly 3 000hp at the hubs, but why does it have that much power? Is there more on tap? Does the car use all that power or is it dialed back? If you’re like us and want that information, you can skip the below video forward to the 4:20 mark, but we recommend watching from the beginning to get some background on what Officially Gassed at TX2k22.

Take a look at the YouTube video featuring the insane 3000whp GT-R at TX2k22 below: This mind blowing 3000whp GTR is savage | Officially Gassed - OG

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