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There are many official motor racing series out there, plenty of which are based on road-going cars, which will play a major factor in this discussion. But, there are others that are far less common but still at the pinnacle of motorsport. Think Sports Prototype cars, for example, which are used in racing series such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

A sports prototype car, or sometimes referred to as simply a prototype, is a type of racing car that is used in the highest-level categories of sports car racing.

However, if you ever get the opportunity to see one of these cars in person, you'd be taken aback by just how deceivingly small they are.

These cars are exceptionally low to the ground, and wide, but the main reason why these cars look far larger in pictures and video is because of the windshield. Our brains are used to looking at an object and finding aspects of it that we can use for scale. When you look at the windshield, you immediately and subconsciously arrive at the conclusion that they are familiar two-seater cars.

But, in reality, the windshield is just big enough to cover the head, helmet and top of the driver's seat...and that's it!

In order to appreciate just how small these cars are compared to a standard, familiar car, you have to view them side-by-side.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, DriveTribe, on This Is Why Racing Cars Are Smaller Than You Think...

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