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Have you ever took a minute to think how on earth some cars managed to roll off the production line in the first place of just how bad the original design was, or perhaps of how unsafe they ended up being, but even more surprising is how some cars such as the original VW Beetle ended up being such a hit amongst consumers.

But the VW Beetle was a very simple, cheap and cost-effective method of transport for its time, but surely they could have produced a better car? But it is hard to say when you have nothing to compare it to besides the Beetle itself.

Secondly, and in more recent times, how is it that a car like the ghastly Chrisler PT Cruiser makes it into production and even more so, how it ended up being such a hit amongst consumers as well...

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Donut Media on Terrible Car Designs That Actually Worked - Wheel House...

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