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The brand new Nismo is the Champagne of GT-Rs, and has just made its debut for 2021. But, as far as the eye can see, it remains hardly any different from its 14-year-old design. Is it game over for the mighty Japanese Godzilla?

Its been 14 years since the original Nissan R35 GT-R was released and, although there have been improvements done to the car over the years, the fundaments of it remain pretty much the same. The new 2021 GT-R Nismo features exactly the same 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine as before, and the 2021 GT-R Nismo also makes 600hp. And, as for the aesthetics of the car, the interior looks like something out of the mid-2000s with a few extra carbon fibre bits here and there. On the outside, the new Nismo GT-R features the exact same body as its 14-year-old brother, apart from yet more light-weight carbon fibre defusers, a bigger rear wing and more aerodynamic improvements here and there.

Don't get us wrong though, the new 2021 Nismo GT-R is undoubtably a beast of a Japanese Supercar. It features a newly designed turbocharger system that is lighter and spools faster than ever before, a quicker gearbox and carbon-ceramic brakes which is a first for any GT-R.

But, there has to come a time when the R35 hangs up its rubber for Nissan to introduce yet another generation of GT-R... right?

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Auto Trader, on NEW Nissan GT-R Nismo Review: Time's Up For Godzilla | 4K...

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