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Racing games play a vital role in car culture for many people, especially kids. But, for those of you who played the best racing games back in the day, things are not the same. You may have noticed that there is something vastly different between the two in terms of enjoyment and the thrill they used to give you in comparison to modern racing games.

Older games like Forza Horizon 1, Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Underground 2 were certainly not the most realistic. They didn't have impressive graphics like you get today, and also didn't feature almost every car imaginable, but that wasn't the point of the games.

What those games gave you was a thrill, an incentive to keep playing and doing your utmost to progress in the storyline. This usually followed a similar storyline where you'd have to eventually beat the leading character, who was usually an assh*le of note, which almost compelled you to spend every hour of your free time getting closer to that moment!

However, in modern racing games, the developers seem to try and compete with their opposition titles in terms of graphics, available tracks and cars. Before, they delivered a movie-like storyline that incentified players to continue racing. And, on top of that, each and every new racing game seems to be heading towards online gameplay where you race against your mates. This is pretty cool, but if you just want to race solo, the game itself seems quite a bit boring!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Moses B, on The Problem With Modern Racing Games.

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