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An autonomous car development company called Arrival specialises in hardware and software to improve on self-driving car technologies and safety.

Arrival teamed up with Roborace, which is a competition with autonomous driving, where they would install Arrival's latest AI systems into the car and test its abilities out on the track.

What they decided to do was undergo a race between their racecar, installed with Arrival's latest AI self-driving system, and the Formula E World Champion, and ex-Formula 1 driver Lucas di Grassi.

Although Lucas di Grassi has over two decades of racing and performance driving experience, and Arrival's AI has a mere four years, you'll be quite surprised to know that even though the track was wet at the time of the race, the outcomes were shockingly similar!

Arrival doesn't intend to use their systems to replace drivers in racing, their main objective is autonomous road-going cars.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Arrival, on Can AI Beat A World Champion Racing Driver? Roborace - Arrival...

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