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Classic cars have seen a ridiculous resurgence, everybody wants one. It’s probably because people once had aspirations for owning a certain car but they were too young or too broke to afford one, now years later as a contributing member of society the bank accounts are healthy enough to buy that childhood car once lusted over. There are different levels to this too, some will be able to afford something like a Ford Escort that needs work, and others will be able to afford a range-topping cult classic in perfect condition for some big money. In all motoring spheres, there are collectors pushing these prices up, and this has seen some of the rarer and more sought-after models fetching ridiculous amounts of money. In the classic Ford circles, there are some models that bear the RS badge that have become seriously wanted and the pricing reflects it. Ford’s Sierra once had a limited edition RS Cosworth version, basically a homologation model so the car could compete in Group A rally in the late 80s. As per the rules, 5 000 models needed to be sold, so a total of 5 545 were produced, but out of that total 500 models were sent to Aston Martin Tickford for the Sierra RS500 Cosworth conversion to create an evolution model. 10% of the cars needed to undergo this conversion to get the uprated car into competition. The conversion featured modified bodywork and a 224 hp powerplant (168 kW) and was hand-assembled. These are the most sought-after models, and the pricing reflects it, confirmed by this model that recently sold at Silverstone Auctions and it could be the best sample left in the world.

We caught wind of one of these models on auction just before the auction happened, and so we decided to check it out because we’re closet fast Ford fans. The owner who put it up for sale bought it 14 years ago, and after that long stint of ownership, the car has less than 8 400 km on the odometer. That’s barely run-in. The car has been meticulously maintained by Tremona Garage of Southampton, a local specialist, and in 2022 they carried out a full re-commissioning service on this RS500 using genuine new/old stock parts identical to parts fitted at the factory. The car even comes with the original Dunlop D40 tyres on the original wheels that were stored separately from the car. The original Ford exhaust system is still in place, the factory fog lights have been kept in the boot awaiting fitment and there is a file full of history detailing the car's life. This RS500 received a new roadworthy before being listed at Silverstone Auctions which was chosen because of its long history of association with selling the best classic Fords around. The car was set to be part of a massive Race Retro auction that was packed full of ex-racecars and rare limited edition, motorsport-inspired street cars. At the auction, all eyes were on this amazing example of a 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500, not because it was basically factory new, but because everyone was sure it would fetch good money. A little bit of an understatement it seems because when the hammer dropped, the winning bid was a whopping £590 500 - or in our silly money, an insane R13 116 684.07. Over THIRTEEN MILLION RAND! When your neighbour says he’s selling his clean Mk2 Escort overseas, now you know why.

Take a look at the YouTube video with a walkaround and close-up look at this amazingly clean Sierra RS Cosworth with less than 8 300 km on the odometer on what has to be the absolute cleanest version we've ever seen out there, possibly on the planet: 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 | Silverstone Auctions

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