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Some people have bigger bank accounts than others, but there are some with disposable income that can make your eyes water, and there are quite a few of these who fit this description come from the land of YouTube. One of the more popular accounts is WhistlinDiesel, or Cody Detwiler if you look at his passport. A motoring fanatic who was just a regular car guy, Cody started filming stunts and things that were different to the usual seen online and the result is over 4 500 000 subscribers. If you click through to the about tab on his YouTube channel he describes it as: “Are you tired of clicking on a deceivingly clickbaited video only for it to be someone doing the same boring crap you saw last week? Yeah me too. Thats why I never waste time uploading a stupid boring video. OK maybe they are stupid lol. Enjoy”. One of his claims to fame is buying new things and doing stupid things to them to destroy them under the guise of a “Durability Test”. Recently it was Mercedes-AMG G-Wagon that was subjected to these tests, including dropping it through a house. He keeps setting up challenges too, like when he gets to a certain number of subscribers he’ll buy a certain car to “test”. When his account gets to 1 000 000 subscribers he’s going to wreck a Bugatti Veyron. Until then, it looks like a new $400,000 Ferrari F8 Tributo.

The Ferrari F8 Trubuto is a monster of a car that’s powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 that’s rated at a very hefty 529 kW with 770 Nm of torque, and this is claimed to be able to propel the Italian supercar to 100 km/h in around 3.0-seconds, cross the quarter mile in 10.5-seconds and has a 340 km/h top speed. This means you’re likely to see the car in action on racetracks and airstrips where there’s nice and smooth tar. Seeing one on gravel or grass is something rather rare unless the car is idling. WhistlinDiesel decided to kick off his customised testing program with the F8 Tributo with some off-tar driving escapades, and this video is the result. It’s so wrong that it's oddly satisfying to see, sort of like going off track when playing a racing sim but with a real Ferrari. If this is going to follow on to what we saw happen to the poor G-Wagon, this is going to be a series of videos we’ll definitely be tracking. We’re just not sure if we ever want to see this stuff happen to a Veyron though, but if it does we’ll still probably watch it. Another test that’s happening is to see if Ferrari will get up on its high horse (see what we did there) again about how people use their products, will the channel get that famed cease and desist letter from Ferrari’s legal team?

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows just how wrong life choices have been when someone on YouTube can make so much money and waste so much money just for entertainment purposes, like buying an almost-new supercar for a few years' annual salary and treating it like a stolen shitbox: I bought a $400,000 Ferrari just to destroy it | WhistlinDiesel

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