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There’s that saying about money not being able to buy taste, and in the world of modified supercars that’s often the case. Some upgrades that aftermarket tuners create for supercars and hypercars that already look rather mean and over the top can only be described as downright ridiculous. Some aftermarket tuners have a reputation for taking things too far on these kinds of cars, and one that gets tongs wagging often is most definitely Mansory. The body kits and accessories they create are always quite hectic, and when they choose a car for a complete makeover that touches on every part of the car in question, it usually gets very mixed reviews from the motoring masses online, even those who would never own a supercar voice their opinions. Basically with Mansory, you either love what they create, or you absolutely loathe it. Here at SXdrv, we appreciate the work they do, even if the end result is questionable and that brings us to the company’s re-work of the amazing Lamborghini Aventador SVJ that’s already one of the coolest cars the Italian automaker has created. This project was called the Cabrera, and if you say it in the same accent as Antonio Banderas it does sound all sexy and Italian. That is until you use Google Translate to see what the English version of the cool Spanish name is. In English the word Cabrera means goatherd. Yes, that’s right, this very expensive and exclusive creation is named after herding goats. Goats.

We still like it, even with the weird name. The exterior receives a full makeover with improvements to the aerodynamics all over the car, as well as some new LED headlights that give the car a very different face. While smashed carbon fibre is all the rage now, this project from two years back features an abundance of it. The interior has also been completely retrimmed to match the greenish/blackish paintwork on the exterior, and we actually like it quite a lot. While the changes to the visuals are comprehensive, Mansory also has the skills to upgrade engines, and in this case, the screaming 6.5-litre V12 has been given a power bump from 700 hp to a very healthy 810 hp, and the toque rises from 720 Nm to 780 Nm. These changes afford the supercar the ability to do the 0 - 100 km/h sprint in a claimed 2.6-seconds with a new top speed of a very impressive 355 km/h. In today’s money, you’re looking at close to $650 000, taking rising inflation into account from 2020’s estimated price of $520 000. When the Cabrera was first announced, the company said it would be limited to just three models. We can’t find any information on if anyone actually ever bought one, and we’ve only ever seen the one that belongs to Mansory that Schmee150 (Tim Burton) reviewed on his popular YouTube channel. If you’ve ever seen any mention of another one online anywhere, let us know.

Take a look at the YouTube video from a while back that shows off what Mansory did to an iconic Lamborghini Aventador SVJ to create a one-of-three limited edition car that may or may not have actually been created and sold. We say may because we've never seen any images or social media posts about buyers actually taking delivery of one since the design concept was released: MANSORY Cabrera - Based on Lamborghini Aventador | Mansory

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