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True VAG fans (get that mind outta the gutter) know what the Audi Avus Quattro Concept is, and if you’re old enough you likely had a poster of one on your bedroom wall, I know I did. It was a centre page pull-out in a mere A3 sizing but that was good enough to get you staring and dreaming about how the future of motoring would look. These days you’d say it has a TT-esque or Audi R8-inspired design but those cars weren’t even a thought yet. This was some legit forward-thinking German automotive design and it was amazing. The side profile is not dissimilar to that of an aeroplane wing, and that made the 13-year-old me think it could take off if it had enough speed. Adding to the cool design was the fact that the body was an all-aluminium creation that was exempt from paint and that it was given a high-polish finish added to the futuristic vibes. It also moved around on 20-inch wheels which were pretty much unheard of at the time. The wheel style eventually trickled down to a few Audi models a good ten years later, that’s how good they looked. The Avus Quattro was what motoring dreams were made of, and plans to fit a monstrous W12 engine and 6-speed manual transmission was just icing on the Ingolstadt cake.

It never actually had the motor fitted, instead, when the car was revealed at the 1991 Tokyo Auto Show it had a recreation of the powerplant made from wood, which is why in the linked video, it wooden drive. If it did have the famed 6.0-litre W12 it would have had between 336–671 kW as we saw when some future VAG cars were fitted with it. It would have then had modern supercar power a good 32 years ago. The Avus could have been a forerunner of the W16-powered Veryron if it actually made it into production, sadly there were never plans for a production version, the car was created as a “what we could do if head office gave us the budget” concept. There’s no denying that some design elements did make it into production in other models though. We love that the Supercar Blondie crew managed to gain access to this iconic concept so the masses could have a proper look at the amazing thing. 

Take a look at the YouTube video from the Supercar Blondie crew that features the lesser-spotted Audi Avus Quattro Concept in a walkaround video that proves the car was well ahead of its time and that it was done so well that it could easily be a limited run car in today's times: The Audi UFO Aluminum Car | Supercar Blondie

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