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The Kimera 037 is a tribute car tipping its hat to the infamous Lancia Stradale 037 Group B rally car from the early 80s. The OG Lancia 037 is quite rare as there were just over 200 created for homologation purposes, but a bunch have been crashed or are part of private collections and are hidden from the world. They’re one of the rarest homologation cars in existence, and that means their value is quite high. Kimera knows this, and instead of trying to find old cars in decent condition for a revival restomod project, the company pooled its resources and created its own car, the Kimera 037. Using the most modern of techniques and materials, they reinvented the Lancia 037 but still kept the overall design quite close to the rare original. With a sort of reverse engineering, the company employed 3D scanning, CAD work, CAE work, rapid prototyping of components, CNC milling and sintering that’s all wrapped up in an amazing body. Under the skin, the lightweight Kimera 037 features twin-charged a 4-cylinder engine that receives boost pressure from both a Roots-type supercharger as well as a turbocharger. This compound setup is rated at just over 370 kW of power with a healthy torque figure of 550 Nm and that combination is sent to the car’s rear wheels - just like the OG Lancia 037. The Kimera 037 makes use of a short-ration 6-speed manual transmission and if the driver swaps cogs like he’s possessed, the retro-inspired car is capable of running the benchmark 0-100km/h in just 4.0 seconds and can run on to a top speed crossing over 300 km/h. The Kimera 037 was limited to the production of a fitting 37 units, which were all snapped up before the production run ended proving that a restomod of a classic rally car was a winning idea. Ideas evolve though, and so the company recently revealed an evolution of the Kimera 037, and it’s aptly been called the Kimera 038.

About the new KImera 038, the website explains: “What if?” What would have happened if…? This is the question that Luca Betti, creator and founder of Kimera Automobili, asked himself, involving once again the same “actors” from the previous rebirth of a world motorsport icon. This four-wheeled legend has been evolved by Kimera into the EVO37 that we got to know in 2021 and that 37 fortunate collectors quickly brought to a sold-out status. And with one of the actors who participated in the rebirth of the myth, Miki Biasion, a two-time World Rally Champion and European Champion on the predecessor of the EVO37, Luca Betti and the already proven and winning team of technicians and designers have been working on the new project named EVO38 in recent months. The creature about to see the light is therefore the Group B that everyone would have wanted and that never came to be, the direct descendant of the last queen of two-wheel drive that left the scene for commercial reasons, after winning the 1983 World Rally Championship, to a model that then dominated the world stage for the next 10 years. At the time, a prototype of this idea was also being created, they called it “Mazinga” because of its resemblance to a “comics robot” shape, a first crude experiment in evolution to try to transform that winning car that was perfect in poise, balance, and ease of driving but simply lacked all-wheel drive. The Kimera EVO38 will have shapes far from that rough prototype but will take up the philosophy and spirit of a legendary team that had brought Italian technical excellence to the world, which wanted once again to surpass its limits, and progressively, to improve its creation.” This means that a cool 40 years after the Lancia 037, the updated, absolutely stunning Kimeras 038 sees power going to all four wheels, something that rally fans have always wanted to see with the Lancia 037 so it could thrash the Group B Quattro S1.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off one of the coolest restomods on the planet, the Group B Rally-inspired restomod based on the iconic Lancia 037. This is an evolution of the stunning Kimera 037, so it's now called the KImera 038. We like, a lot: Kimera Evo38 is a tribute to Lancia WRC car with 600 horsepower | DPCcars

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