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Model cars are big business, and have been for pretty much as long as cars have been around. As with full-sized cars, they come in various sizes and qualities and are made from a variety of materials. The most expensive ones are usually the most detailed ones, and the prices can even rival that of full-sized daily drivers. One of the world’s top model car companies is called Amalgam, and the company specialises in scale replicas of some of the world’s most exclusive brands, under licence of course. Since 1985, the company has developed close partnerships with the world’s most iconic designers, engineers, drivers and manufacturer brands. They have created models for private use, commercial use and also some special one-off models to commemorate a special occasion or car model. The company does a lot more, but we’re only interested in their scale model cars for obvious reasons. Last year we showed you the company’s 1:8 Ferrari 296 GTS which was released as part of the high-end amalgam Collection range of models. The perfectly detailed model had over 3,000 hours of development as part of its creation using Ferrari’s original CAD designs and paint codes, and following that, 300 hours of assembly time. With the 1:1 version of the car coming in at R8,000,000, it is expected that the Alamgam 1:8 model would cost a fair amount. It does, and it’s clearly aimed at the same kind of people who can afford a real 296 GTS with a price tag north of R250,000. Yup, a cool quarter of a million for a car that you put on display and can’t even drive. Clearly not my WhatsApp group. Continuing with the long-standing partnership with Ferrari, the latest addition to the amalgam Collection is a motorsport-inspired Ferrari in the form of the 499P. After Ferrari’s No.51 race-spec hypercar was taken to a 24 Hours of LeMans victory in 2023 by Alessandro Pier Guidi, James Calado and Antonio Giovinazzi, the car cemented its legendary status. The 1:8 scale model will be limited to just 499 models, with the 500th we presume remaining a display piece at the Amalgam Collection head office. There better be 500 in total, what kind of weirdo would make a weird total of 499? I mean yeah, it could be because of the 499 in the car’s name, but come on.

The Ferrari 499P will be in a sizeable 1:8 scale model, which equates to a length of 24 inches, or 60 cm. The model is created using the finest quality materials and features thousands of precisely engineered parts: castings, photo-etchings and CNC-machined metal components just like the 1:1 499P. The model is both an officially licenced Ferrari product and an officially licensed 24 Hours of Le Mans product, which surely gives it that little bit more authenticity. It forms part of the Amalgam Collection - 24 Hours of LeMans range. This Ferrari 499P will be a perfect scale recreation of the #51 Hypercar that was raced to victory by the Italian race trio at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. As per Amalgam: “Ferrari's victory marked a return to the elite class of WEC after 50 years and also coincided with the Centenary edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, commemorating 100 years since the inaugural race in 1923. The Ferrari 499Ps started from the top two positions on the grid with Hypercar numbers 50 and 51, respectively, thanks to the times posted during the Hyperpole when Fuoco took pole. With five hours until the chequered flag of round four of the FIA WEC 2023, after 261 laps, Pier Guidi defended a lead over the number eight car. The 499P number 51 starred overnight when Calado fought a tight battle with the only Toyota left in the race, completing a triple stint before handing the wheel to Giovinazzi. At the chequered flag Antonio Fuoco, Miguel Molina and Nicklas Nielsen finished fifth in the 499P number 50, delayed during the night by repairs that knocked the crew out of contention for the podium, despite an excellent performance that saw them climb several places back up the standings. The #51 Hypercar triumphed after covering 342 laps on the French track. The Prancing Horse claimed its tenth overall victory at Le Mans and now comprises thirty-nine victories, including 29 class wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.” so you can see the importance of the model. The Alamgam Collection Ferrari 499P has already sold out the first batch of cars that make up the 499 units, so billionaires who are interested are encouraged to get their orders in ASAP before they lose out. A 50% deposit is required and with the thing selling at just over R375,000, that means R187,500 secures.

Take a look at the YouTube video that details the details seen in the 1:8 scale replica of the LeMans-winning Ferrari 499P. There are rumoured to be three life-size versions in existence, but this sizeable model has been limited to 499 units, but they're still eye-wateringly expensive. Well, that depends on your financial status: Handling Your Model: Ferrari 499P at 1:8 Scale | Amalgam Collection

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