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It’s strange how things happen coincidentally. Just the other day I shot The Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive, an event set up to raise awareness of men’s health issues with worldwide gatherings of pre-1980 cars and people dressing up with period-correct clothing. It was amazing, and while it was for cars from 1980 and older, one of the few Ferrari F40s in the country made an appearance. Technically, the F40 was released in 1987, and so it wasn’t really meant to be there but you couldn’t find a single person who had an issue with it. The last time I saw the same F40 was a good five years ago, so I made sure to snap as many cool pics as I could while it was in front of my lens. It’s in the unwritten Automotive Photography Rules - you see an F40, you shoot an F40. The event was on the 24th of September, and I’ve had all things F40 on my mind since then. Little did I know that on the 27th of September, the Legacy Tour would take place in Italy, a tour of over 550 km through the most picturesque and iconic parts of the F40’s home country, culminating in an epic gathering at Maranello, the actual birthplace of the car. The tour kicked off in Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany and headed through San Miniato, Capannori, Lucca, over the Apennines, Piazza Libertà and finally Maranello, all over the course of three days with some stops along the way.

Take a look at the attached pics from Ferrari, you can just feel the awesomeness and the wonder experienced by the unsuspecting public. Driving an F40 through Italy makes you royalty. One thing you’ll notice in the video is an F40 wearing Peppermint paint, but it doesn’t have the official stickers on to signify it was an official part of the run. Word on the Italian streets is that any F40s not wearing official factory paint weren’t allowed to join, and also weren’t allowed through the gates of Maranello. This isn’t really that surprising as Ferrari is known to reign down vengeance on anyone who changes their cars. If it was up to SXdrv, we’d have a section for the original cars and a section for modified cars so that the total count would he as high as possible. Sadly not enough people like to get as high as possible. The reports are that there were over 30 but less than 40 cars on the Legacy Tour, the aim was to assemble at least 40 of them. The biggest gathering of the Ferrari F40 happened during the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the car at an event in the UK at the annual Silverstone Classic at the iconic Silverstone Circuit. At this event, a total of 60 F40s were counted. There were just 1,311 of these cars produced, and they’re special because the design was the last road car signed off by the legendary Enzo Ferrari before he died in 1988, it features a carbon fibre/kevlar composite body, has a twin-turbocharged 2.9-litre V8 with 352 kW and 577 Nm on tap and as a result, was the first series production car to exceed the then-coveted 200 mph (320 km/h) top speed. In 1987! The F40 doesn't come cheap, they're valued between $1,500,000 and $3 500,000, or between roughly R29,000,000 and R58,000,000, which explains why they don't come out to play often...

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off one of the most amazing sights we've seen lately, and we see A LOT. Up to 40 Ferrari F40s traversing the streets of Italy are seen here, the majority seen wore the iconic Rosso Corsa paint, and were still in great condition. It's mad to think how much money the convoys seen are worth. Big up to Youtubers 19Bozzy92, Italiansupercarvideo and NM2255 for this epic footage of every 80s kid's favourite supercar: Ferrari F40 INVASION for the first Ferrari Legacy Tour! | 19Bozzy92

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